Share Your Testimony!

In conjunction with our 21 Days of Breakthrough to kick-off the year, we want to encourage each other by sharing the things God has done while on this journey! Leave your testimony here and we will post them for RevivalTab to see!

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"I've seen god move in a mighty way during the season of prayer"

Devin Gough

"Years ago when I had been drinking, for whatever reason, a shot gun was put to my head. I use to tell the alcohol had gave me the courage to walk away from that incident. To open the door and just leave! After over 30 years, today my story changed. God made me realize that He was the reason I was unharmed! As I write this, Thank you Jesus, I am 9 months Sober, alcohol free!"

Brenda Nesbitt

"Small testimony. My rent is due on the first. On the 4th, I am accessed a $50 late fee and then $5 a day additional until I pay it. I got paid today and after taking out my rent including fees, I had $6 left from my pay check. I went to pay the money and I was told that the landlord told them not to charge me any late fees. I am so thankful."

Candi Smith