As a church, we will always be praying, for one another and for our community. We ask that you join us in praying for these needs...

For our Community

  • The school systems in Highland Park and Detroit
  • Mayor Hubert Yopp and the City of Highland Park
  • Revival Tabernacle’s vision of reaching the 12,000 residents of Highland Park
  • House of Providence
  • Power Company Kids Club

For the RT Family

  • Sis. Georgette McDade as her father is very ill and in need of a miracle
  • Sis. Kathy Forsyth's niece; her husband is in need of a kidney. Her father is also hospitalized
  • Bishop and Mother David M. Eubanks and the New Fellowship Tabernacle church family.
  • Relationships within the body of Christ: that there will be spirit of honor, holiness and purity
  • Bro. Matthew and Sis. Hileka Schuman; cat scan recently found cancer on Sis. Hileka's kidneys
  • Sis. Yolanda McAfee is in need of a vehicle
  • Sis. Jennifer needs healing from blood clots and possible liver problems
  • Bro. Don's cousin Dave, who is dealing with major heart problems
  • Bro. Mario has two co-workers in need: Ms. Warnsely is having surgery this week and Ms. Johnson has a blood disorder that will require further treatment
  • Sis. Georgea's nephew Savion injured his skull and neck while riding in a car; She also request we pray for Tracey Solomon, who is battling cancer at a young age

Just as you stand with us, if you have a request, we want to stand with you in prayer. Our pastors will pray over your request, and it will remain confidential unless you would like to have the rest of the church body join you in prayer.

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