Sunday Morning Update: October 14

This week in RT Kids we talked about overcoming obstacles with Jesus, and how the devil will use lies to make us believe we aren't adequate for what God has in store for us. We learned about Moses, and how when he was called by God, initially he believed he couldn't lead the Israelites out of Egypt, due to his stutter and his belief that he was a nobody. The kids had an opportunity to write down individual ways that Satan could try to keep them from living out God's plan for their lives. As always, the kids of RT impressed me by how seriously they took their task. When they had finished writing, with answers ranging from "He could make me believe I'm not smart enough"  to "making me think I can't draw and can never be an artist" to "by making me think I'm garbage and can't do anything right," we took a moment to declare that we wouldn't let Satan use lies, insecurities, or anything else to stop us from living for God. I'm sure the favorite part for our kids was when they had a chance to destroy the papers they had written, as a way to demonstrate that we refuse to let anything hold us back from reaching the future that God has for us.

We also had all kinds of fun with our crazy Game Time. The kids had a chance to participate in a Donut Hop and compete in a Slime Dig. It was a lot of mess but even more fun. . . that's just how we do in RT Kids!