Sunday Morning Update: June 3

Every week is special in RT Kids but something about this week was just a little extra special and left me feeling so blessed by what God is doing in RT Kids. We started our Wednesday night the best possible way : with a water balloon fight! The kids loved it. Me? Not so much, as I somehow became the unofficial target and ended up more soaked than any of the kids were. Oh, the joys of kids ministry! 😁

Afterwards, we had the chance to talk about all the different ways God has blessed us. The kids were challenged to write down as many blessings as they could think of within a few minutes, and their responses blew my mind. From the adorable (like our youngest boy writing down he was grateful for his muscles) to the relatable (to the girl who wrote she was thankful for Jordans, I feel you!) to the impressively deep that left me speechless (like our boy who wrote he was thankful for the Crucifixion and his salvation), our kids absolutely killed it, coming up with literally hundreds of things they are grateful for. And peep the latest addition to RT Kids: our "Count your blessings" wall! 😊 

This Sunday we learned about how Satan is the father of lies and how we all have to make the choice if we are going to believe the lies he tells us, or if we are going to hold on to the truth that God has given us. The best part is always at the end of our lesson time, when our children have the chance to choose if they want to make the decision for themselves. One of my absolute favorite things to listen to is the sound of kids praying with sincerity, with conviction, with belief. Our kids may be young but when it comes to learning God's Word, they are true champions!

Also happening in RT Kids this past Sunday was Boys versus Girls! Our teams competed all throughout the service, racking up points in the hundreds for things like singing the loudest, paying the best attention, winning games, and performing our 4 Most Important Things. Both teams rocked it but the boys ultimately won with a high score of 1,400 points...which meant I had to pay the price. Our boys were more than happy to shower me with slime, pie in the face, flour bombs, and raw eggs. It might be a (very, very, very) long time before I'll agree to hold this competition again...but no lie, it was a FUN day! Congratulations to our boys on their win!