Sunday Morning Update: June 10

Another week down in RT Kids means another week of fun, messes, and Jesus! Last Wednesday night we were able to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and spend time outside, drawing with chalk, riding scooters, having Nerf gun wars, blowing bubbles, and overall, just having a good time. Absolutely loving all the fun we've been able to have outside over the past few weeks! 

Afterwards we took some time to talk about how our words have power and how we have the choice to build others up or tear others down, simply by the things we say. Each child wrote down their name, and then all the other kids took the time to write something positive or something they like about that individual. One of our older boys, who naturally tends to be a little reserved, was especially reluctant in the beginning, so it completely melted my heart when I noticed him writing compliments such as "nice hair", "I like your shirt", "you're a good friend", for the other kids. Even though it may have been out of his comfort zone, he still put effort into thinking of something he personally liked about each one of our kids, and I was so proud of him, knowing what it meant for him to do that.

Our main point in RT Kids this Sunday was "Who are you living for?" We talked about how every person has to personally make the decision if they're living for themselves, for others, or for God. A lot of our kids (especially our boys) were hyped after the NBA Finals (go, Warriors!) so it was a great opportunity to use Steph Curry as an example, and show them that just like he has been very vocal about his faith, they too can make the choice to live for God and rep Him, no matter where they are or who they are with.

And a special shout-out to our youth helpers! They kill it every Sunday, but especially this week, they held things down, had my back, and kept me sane in the midst of all the fun and wildness that is RT Kids. I couldn't do it without their help and I'm so thankful for each one of them. Looking forward to another fantastic week in RT Kids!