Sunday Morning Update: July 1

This past Sunday was another fun day in RT Kids! We had donut races, singing challenges, and taste-testing contests. During lesson time we talked about trusting in God no matter what others do or say. Our kids did fantastic (as always) when it came time to listen and pay attention, and our team of helpers kept things running smoothly. I love having the chance to observe our youth take initiative when it comes to getting things done right. Over the past few months, we have been focusing on having our youth helpers take more responsibility when it comes to being on stage, teaching lesson time, leading games, etc...and I'm proud to say they have been killing it! At the rate they're going, they'll put me out of a job pretty soon. 😋 

But the highlight of my week was a moment that left me speechless (and your children could tell you that doesn't happen often in Kids Church lol). After service this past week I was saying my goodbyes as parents came to collect their children when I noticed two sisters headed for the door. Our kids know they aren't supposed to go until their parents or siblings come over, so I went after them to find out why they were leaving already. 

"Hey, where you guys going? We need to wait for your mom before you leave."
"Oh, she's not here today," the older of the two responded. "Her car wasn't working this morning, so me and my sister walked to church."

Listen. I had absolutely no response in that moment. The fact that these two precious girls took it upon themselves to wake up on time, get ready for church, walk the few blocks in that 90 degree weather because they wanted to come to literally brought tears to my eyes. Yo, when I was a kid, anytime I had a small cold, I thought it was a valid reason to stay home from church. And yet these two little angels chose to get up early, to come to church on their own. . . words cannot express how proud I am of these amazing girls.
God is truly doing something in the hearts of our kids and raising a generation that will make a change in Highland Park, Detroit, the world. What a privilege it is to have a front row seat in seeing it happen. As we sing in RT Kids: "God is a good God!"