Sunday Morning Update: May 20


This past Wednesday night in RT Kids, we were learning about serving others, so we took the opportunity to make cookies for the soup kitchen on Thursday. By the time we were done, we had frosting everywhere (the floor, the walls, the ceiling lol) but our kids did a great job! I love seeing their hearts for others.

This Sunday we learned about God's promise to hear us when we call out to Him. Our kids never fail to impress me. No matter how crazy or wild things get during game time, when it's time for the lesson, our kids sit up straight and pay attention! So proud of them.

Speaking of crazy...we had a few special visitors in RT Kids this week. The kids had a blast trying to wrestle these guys to the ground, and it was hilarious to watch! Shout out to the amazing RT Kids team who are so willing to serve and put up with everything I ask of them, even when it means jumping into a sumo suit and getting tackled to the ground, repeatedly. They really are the best.


Coming up in RT Kids: in a few weeks we will be having a boys versus girls competition, where the winning side will get to choose one member of the RT Kids team to slime, pie in the face, and more. You already know it's going to be a good time! Stay tuned for more fun in RT Kids!

Sunday Morning Update: May 13

Another week has passed, which means more fun in RT Kids! This past Wednesday, our children hand-painted necklaces to give to their moms on Mother's Day. And they did a fantastic job! They used so much care in making each piece beautiful and unique. I love seeing their creativity! And they didn't only make necklaces for their own moms; our kids even went above and beyond to make jewelry for the moms of kids who weren't able to make it Wednesday night. They put such special effort into what they were doing and absolutely killed it!


I have to give a special shout-out to the RT Kids youth helpers! With all the projects that have been happening lately on Wednesday nights, our kids area was messier than usual. After the children had left with their parents this past Wednesday night, the teens came to help me clean up, without being required to. Not only did they voluntarily help with cleaning, they even asked their parents if they could stay late, to make sure it all got done. I was so impressed with their work ethic, and so touched by their hearts. RT is truly raising up an incredible group of young people who are getting ready to change the world. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to serve with them every Sunday.

This Sunday, we continued learning about the promises of God. Our main point this week was "Hold on to the promises of God." When I asked the kids if they knew any promises from God, they told me about God's promise with the rainbow, about God's promise to never leave us, and about God's promise to always love us. I was proud of our kids coming through with that Bible knowledge!

And my personal favorite moment of this week: there is a young boy who is fairly new to RT Kids but always seems to have mad fun in kids church. As service was dismissed this Sunday and parents began coming over to pick up their children, he turned to me with a thoroughly disappointed face and said, "Wait, church isn't over already, is it?!?" I absolutely love it that church is a place where kids want to be. Looking forward to another great time in RT Kids this week!


Sunday Morning Update: May 6

This past Sunday in RT Kids, we began learning about the promises of God. Over the next few weeks we will be studying the different promises that God has given us, and how they show up in our everyday life. The focus of our lesson this Sunday was "People may break their promises but God will never break His promises." Our kids did such a great job at memorizing all 10 Commandments at the beginning of this year, and I'm looking forward to us working together to memorize God's promises as well. 

I was so proud of our faithful RT Kids this week! We had several first-time visitors in kids church on Sunday, and our kids went above and beyond with explaining the rules to them, helping them learn the 4 Most Important Things, showing them how we do it in RT Kids. They absolutely killed it at making RT Kids a welcoming place, and as one of our new girls said good-bye to me, her words were "This was fun! So Jesus was hype, too?" 

I'm so glad that church is a place where we can both get close to God, and also have a great time. And I'm especially grateful for our amazing group of kids who keep kids church both real and fun, and helped our visitors feel right at home.

Our Wednesday nights in RT Kids are always a little crazy, a little chill, and a lot of silliness. This week the kids had the chance to make their own ice cream (which was a fabulous mess, as you can see) and complete various different challenges, like Human Tic Tac Toe. (The girls completely destroyed the boys in that one, by the way 💪) As the weather gets warmer, we are getting excited to soon be able to have some outside play on Wednesdays. Looking forward to water gun fights, water balloons, and all kinds of fun in the sun. . .it's going to be a great summer at RT Kids!


Sunday Morning Update: April 22

As you know, RT Kids had Wacky Tacky Day this past Sunday. ( I was so relieved to see our kids remembered to dress up so I wasn't looking crazy by myself lol) Our kids did a phenomenal job at showing up wacky and tacky! There were fake mustaches and clothes on backwards and blue hair and all kinds of silliness. Our winner for the craziest outfit was Richard, with Kaylin and Ezra as runners-up. We had breakfast and crazy games. . .it was a fun day! I love when we have the opportunity to do themed Sundays. Our next one will be a Superhero Sunday. Look for that over the summer!


This past Wednesday night in RT Kids, we talked about random acts of kindness. Each child had the chance to write cards and fill them with candy for anyone who they thought could use a smile. At first the major focus for the kids was the candy, of course, but as we began to write the cards, I was so impressed by their hearts as they wrote card after card after card, for parents, siblings, teachers, friends. I actually had to finally stop them from making any more because we were running out of time, but I loved seeing how much they were thinking of others. 

Sunday Morning Update: April 15

This week in RT Kids was fun and messy and wild (as usual). This Sunday was a little more hectic than normal, due to some unforeseen circumstances, but hey that's life, and we still made it and had a blast!

This past Sunday in RT Kids, we learned about sharing Jesus with others. The kids had a chance to come up with their own ideas on how to share Jesus, and they truly did a great job. Their ideas included inviting people to church, teaching songs about Jesus to other kids, reading the Bible to their friends, and more. We challenged each child to share Jesus' love with at least one person this week who doesn't know about God. They will explain to our class this coming Sunday what exactly they did to share Jesus with others. I'm looking forward to hearing their stories!

Also, this past Wednesday night we had "Cupcake Wars" in RT Kids. Each child had the chance to decorate cupcakes however they chose, which was all kinds of messy and all kinds of fun! Our winner was Ms. Andrea (pictured below), but each one of the kids did a great job and and let their creativity flow.

This coming Sunday, April 22, we are having Wacky Tacky Day in RT Kids. Breakfast, crazy outfits, silly games. . I can't wait! (So if you see me looking like a whole mess on Sunday, please know it's not a normal look for me lol). The kids all received parent notices on Sunday a.m. and we are including it in the Thursday trailers, so hopefully our kids show up stylin'. I'm about to have all of RT Kids looking some kind of crazy.