Sunday Morning Update: September 16

This past Sunday in RT Kids we talked about future, and how the decisions we make today have the ability to affect our tomorrow. We discussed the importance of keeping God first always, and how we truly have the ability to change history. The kids had the chance to share their future goals, and I loved hearing what they want to be when they're older. From musicians to teachers to artists, to even one of our girls who said she wants to be the first female President. . . .there is so much potential in this group of amazing kids!

We also had the chance to play Blackout Dodgeball, RaceCar RollUp, and more, not to mention all the singing and dancing contests we had. Overall it was a very good week. I stay feeling so blessed to get to serve these precious kids. :)

Sunday Morning Update: September 9

This past week in RT Kids, we learned about how we have the responsibility to share Jesus with others and not keep the Gospel to ourselves. Our kids had the chance to discuss ways they could share Jesus with people they know, and they came up with some great responses! I love getting to observe their sincerity and how serious they are when it comes to lesson time.

We also had the chance to play some crazy, messy games (as that's the only way we know how to do it in RT Kids lol). It was such a good day. It feels so good to be back; I missed my church family while I was gone.

This last Wednesday night the kids had a chance to let their creative sides shine during our painting contest and they designed some true masterpieces. Love watching their imaginations and personal styles at work!


Sunday Morning Update: July 1

This past Sunday was another fun day in RT Kids! We had donut races, singing challenges, and taste-testing contests. During lesson time we talked about trusting in God no matter what others do or say. Our kids did fantastic (as always) when it came time to listen and pay attention, and our team of helpers kept things running smoothly. I love having the chance to observe our youth take initiative when it comes to getting things done right. Over the past few months, we have been focusing on having our youth helpers take more responsibility when it comes to being on stage, teaching lesson time, leading games, etc...and I'm proud to say they have been killing it! At the rate they're going, they'll put me out of a job pretty soon. 😋 

But the highlight of my week was a moment that left me speechless (and your children could tell you that doesn't happen often in Kids Church lol). After service this past week I was saying my goodbyes as parents came to collect their children when I noticed two sisters headed for the door. Our kids know they aren't supposed to go until their parents or siblings come over, so I went after them to find out why they were leaving already. 

"Hey, where you guys going? We need to wait for your mom before you leave."
"Oh, she's not here today," the older of the two responded. "Her car wasn't working this morning, so me and my sister walked to church."

Listen. I had absolutely no response in that moment. The fact that these two precious girls took it upon themselves to wake up on time, get ready for church, walk the few blocks in that 90 degree weather because they wanted to come to literally brought tears to my eyes. Yo, when I was a kid, anytime I had a small cold, I thought it was a valid reason to stay home from church. And yet these two little angels chose to get up early, to come to church on their own. . . words cannot express how proud I am of these amazing girls.
God is truly doing something in the hearts of our kids and raising a generation that will make a change in Highland Park, Detroit, the world. What a privilege it is to have a front row seat in seeing it happen. As we sing in RT Kids: "God is a good God!"

Sunday Morning Update: June 17

   This past week RT Kids had an awesome opportunity to partner with George Washington Carver Academy here in Highland Park in having a last day of school event for the kids. It was a fantastic day filled with bouncy houses, face painting, water balloons, gaming trucks, carnival rides, and more! (Shout out to Pastor Gunn of Power Company Kids Club for allowing us to borrow their inflatables!) It was a great chance for RT Kids to get more involved within the community and build relationships with both the kids and the leaders of the school. Moving forward in the fall, we are working to begin holding school assemblies and other programs within the Highland Park schools, as well as getting connected to and working with some of the boys & girls clubs in the area. SO excited for all that God is going to do!!


This Sunday in RT Kids we celebrated Father's Day! The kids had the chance to make 'Reasons I love you' books for their fathers/grandfathers/etc and they did a great job, with their handmade books turning out super cute. During our lesson time, we talked about how God desires to be our father, and even when our earthly fathers can't always be around, God is a father who will always be there to hear and help us.

Looking forward to July, we are super excited to be having our "Superhero Sunday!" Another day of breakfast, costumes, prizes, and mad fun. . . it's going to be a good time. More details coming soon!

Sunday Morning Update: June 10

Another week down in RT Kids means another week of fun, messes, and Jesus! Last Wednesday night we were able to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and spend time outside, drawing with chalk, riding scooters, having Nerf gun wars, blowing bubbles, and overall, just having a good time. Absolutely loving all the fun we've been able to have outside over the past few weeks! 

Afterwards we took some time to talk about how our words have power and how we have the choice to build others up or tear others down, simply by the things we say. Each child wrote down their name, and then all the other kids took the time to write something positive or something they like about that individual. One of our older boys, who naturally tends to be a little reserved, was especially reluctant in the beginning, so it completely melted my heart when I noticed him writing compliments such as "nice hair", "I like your shirt", "you're a good friend", for the other kids. Even though it may have been out of his comfort zone, he still put effort into thinking of something he personally liked about each one of our kids, and I was so proud of him, knowing what it meant for him to do that.

Our main point in RT Kids this Sunday was "Who are you living for?" We talked about how every person has to personally make the decision if they're living for themselves, for others, or for God. A lot of our kids (especially our boys) were hyped after the NBA Finals (go, Warriors!) so it was a great opportunity to use Steph Curry as an example, and show them that just like he has been very vocal about his faith, they too can make the choice to live for God and rep Him, no matter where they are or who they are with.

And a special shout-out to our youth helpers! They kill it every Sunday, but especially this week, they held things down, had my back, and kept me sane in the midst of all the fun and wildness that is RT Kids. I couldn't do it without their help and I'm so thankful for each one of them. Looking forward to another fantastic week in RT Kids!

Sunday Morning Update: June 3

Every week is special in RT Kids but something about this week was just a little extra special and left me feeling so blessed by what God is doing in RT Kids. We started our Wednesday night the best possible way : with a water balloon fight! The kids loved it. Me? Not so much, as I somehow became the unofficial target and ended up more soaked than any of the kids were. Oh, the joys of kids ministry! 😁

Afterwards, we had the chance to talk about all the different ways God has blessed us. The kids were challenged to write down as many blessings as they could think of within a few minutes, and their responses blew my mind. From the adorable (like our youngest boy writing down he was grateful for his muscles) to the relatable (to the girl who wrote she was thankful for Jordans, I feel you!) to the impressively deep that left me speechless (like our boy who wrote he was thankful for the Crucifixion and his salvation), our kids absolutely killed it, coming up with literally hundreds of things they are grateful for. And peep the latest addition to RT Kids: our "Count your blessings" wall! 😊 

This Sunday we learned about how Satan is the father of lies and how we all have to make the choice if we are going to believe the lies he tells us, or if we are going to hold on to the truth that God has given us. The best part is always at the end of our lesson time, when our children have the chance to choose if they want to make the decision for themselves. One of my absolute favorite things to listen to is the sound of kids praying with sincerity, with conviction, with belief. Our kids may be young but when it comes to learning God's Word, they are true champions!

Also happening in RT Kids this past Sunday was Boys versus Girls! Our teams competed all throughout the service, racking up points in the hundreds for things like singing the loudest, paying the best attention, winning games, and performing our 4 Most Important Things. Both teams rocked it but the boys ultimately won with a high score of 1,400 points...which meant I had to pay the price. Our boys were more than happy to shower me with slime, pie in the face, flour bombs, and raw eggs. It might be a (very, very, very) long time before I'll agree to hold this competition again...but no lie, it was a FUN day! Congratulations to our boys on their win!

Sunday Morning Update: May 27

Another week down in RT Kids! This Sunday we learned about making the choice to rely on God and believe in the promises He has given us, even when times get hard. We had a first-time visitor in RT Kids last week who came again this week, and not only did she remember what we had talked about, she was even answering all the questions from lesson time! I know I say it all the time, but our kids do such a great job at paying attention and taking God's Word to heart.

This past Wednesday night we had the chance to play outside and it was great. Chalk, bubbles, ladder ball, water games, Nerf guns, ice cream was all kinds of great. Looking forward to a whole summer of fun!

This coming Sunday in RT Kids, we are having Boys vs. Girls: Ultimate Showdown! The kids will have a chance to win points for everything, from game time, to singing the loudest, to which team is the best at paying attention during lesson time...and at the end of the service, the winning team will get to choose which member of the RT Kids team will be getting slimed and flour-bombed and water-ballooned and pied in the face. (I need my girls to come through strong to make sure it's not me lol) It's going to be a fantastic day...make sure you don't miss it!

Sunday Morning Update: May 20


This past Wednesday night in RT Kids, we were learning about serving others, so we took the opportunity to make cookies for the soup kitchen on Thursday. By the time we were done, we had frosting everywhere (the floor, the walls, the ceiling lol) but our kids did a great job! I love seeing their hearts for others.

This Sunday we learned about God's promise to hear us when we call out to Him. Our kids never fail to impress me. No matter how crazy or wild things get during game time, when it's time for the lesson, our kids sit up straight and pay attention! So proud of them.

Speaking of crazy...we had a few special visitors in RT Kids this week. The kids had a blast trying to wrestle these guys to the ground, and it was hilarious to watch! Shout out to the amazing RT Kids team who are so willing to serve and put up with everything I ask of them, even when it means jumping into a sumo suit and getting tackled to the ground, repeatedly. They really are the best.


Coming up in RT Kids: in a few weeks we will be having a boys versus girls competition, where the winning side will get to choose one member of the RT Kids team to slime, pie in the face, and more. You already know it's going to be a good time! Stay tuned for more fun in RT Kids!