Sunday Morning Update: November 11

This Sunday in RT Kids we learned about the power of praying for others. Our kids had a chance to pair up one on one and talk about any thing they wanted prayer for before taking a few moments to pray for each other personally. I was so touched to see them interceding for one another. I love it that even at their young ages, they are both willing and excited to pray for each other. Truly, what is more powerful than the prayer of a child!

We also had a chance to play some crazy games and our kids were happy to win trips to the prize table. Freeze Dance, Elephant Trunk, Chopstick Chase. . lots of mess but even more fun. It's always a good time in RT Kids!

Sunday Morning Update: November 4

This past Sunday in RT Kids we talked about the importance of being set apart from the world, as followers of Jesus. We learned how even things we might not think are that big of a deal, such as music or movies, can affect our hearts and minds. Our memory verse for this week came from Deuteronomy 14:2 "You have been set apart as holy to the Lord your God."

Shout-out to our kids for doing such a great job memorizing the weekly verses! Every Sunday I get to hear "Can I tell you my verse now?". . .and I love it!

A huge THANK YOU from RT Kids to everyone who donated candy, helped with set- up, and volunteered their time for our Harvest Party last Wednesday night! It was an awesome night with face-painting, games, cider and donuts, and a costume fashion show. And the kids went home with candy bags bursting at the seams! We couldn't have made it happen without your help. We are so grateful and are looking forward to an even greater time next year!

Sunday Morning Update: October 14

This week in RT Kids we talked about overcoming obstacles with Jesus, and how the devil will use lies to make us believe we aren't adequate for what God has in store for us. We learned about Moses, and how when he was called by God, initially he believed he couldn't lead the Israelites out of Egypt, due to his stutter and his belief that he was a nobody. The kids had an opportunity to write down individual ways that Satan could try to keep them from living out God's plan for their lives. As always, the kids of RT impressed me by how seriously they took their task. When they had finished writing, with answers ranging from "He could make me believe I'm not smart enough"  to "making me think I can't draw and can never be an artist" to "by making me think I'm garbage and can't do anything right," we took a moment to declare that we wouldn't let Satan use lies, insecurities, or anything else to stop us from living for God. I'm sure the favorite part for our kids was when they had a chance to destroy the papers they had written, as a way to demonstrate that we refuse to let anything hold us back from reaching the future that God has for us.

We also had all kinds of fun with our crazy Game Time. The kids had a chance to participate in a Donut Hop and compete in a Slime Dig. It was a lot of mess but even more fun. . . that's just how we do in RT Kids!

Sunday Morning Update: October 7

It was another great week in RT Kids. This Sunday we learned about the importance of having a positive attitude. Our verse of the day came from Proverbs 17:22: "A joyful heart is good medicine." We learned about the Israelites in the desert and how they complained over and over and over, despite everything that God did for them. My prayer for this Sunday was for the children to realize they have a choice to be joyful, even when circumstances aren't ideal, but that a negative attitude will make it impossible for them to be happy, even when they get their way. Far too often when working with kids, I hear them complaining about everything, from not getting picked for a game to not winning prizes, to not getting extra candy, and the list goes on and on. I wanted our precious children to realize and understand that they are never too young to begin choosing joy every day.

Coming up sometime soon we are going to begin our "Heroes of the Bible" series. There are so many incredible accounts in the Bible of regular people doing amazing things through God--and the best part is that it's all true! Looking at some of the things that went down in Bible times, movies and video games ain't got nothing on the Bible when it comes to adventure. I can't wait for our kids to experience the excitement and awesomeness that can be found in the Word of God!

Stay tuned for more fun and excitement in RT Kids!

Sunday Morning Update: September 23

This Sunday in RT Kids we talked about how we are capable of making a difference, regardless of how old or young we are. We learned about a few different Biblical examples (such as David, Joseph, King Josiah, etc) who were bold in their faith even at young ages, and made enormous impact for the kingdom of God. My goal was for the children to realize that regardless of their age or "talents", when they make God the number one priority in their lives, they have the power to affect eternity. Our verse of the day was from 1 Timothy 4:12: "Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers."

We also had time for lots of fun and games. Some of our highlights included Candy Taste Test and Jousting! And as usual, the kids had a chance to show off their singing and dancing skills. All of that adds up to a pretty fantastic day in RT Kids!

Sunday Morning Update: September 16

This past Sunday in RT Kids we talked about future, and how the decisions we make today have the ability to affect our tomorrow. We discussed the importance of keeping God first always, and how we truly have the ability to change history. The kids had the chance to share their future goals, and I loved hearing what they want to be when they're older. From musicians to teachers to artists, to even one of our girls who said she wants to be the first female President. . . .there is so much potential in this group of amazing kids!

We also had the chance to play Blackout Dodgeball, RaceCar RollUp, and more, not to mention all the singing and dancing contests we had. Overall it was a very good week. I stay feeling so blessed to get to serve these precious kids. :)

Sunday Morning Update: September 9

This past week in RT Kids, we learned about how we have the responsibility to share Jesus with others and not keep the Gospel to ourselves. Our kids had the chance to discuss ways they could share Jesus with people they know, and they came up with some great responses! I love getting to observe their sincerity and how serious they are when it comes to lesson time.

We also had the chance to play some crazy, messy games (as that's the only way we know how to do it in RT Kids lol). It was such a good day. It feels so good to be back; I missed my church family while I was gone.

This last Wednesday night the kids had a chance to let their creative sides shine during our painting contest and they designed some true masterpieces. Love watching their imaginations and personal styles at work!


Sunday Morning Update: July 1

This past Sunday was another fun day in RT Kids! We had donut races, singing challenges, and taste-testing contests. During lesson time we talked about trusting in God no matter what others do or say. Our kids did fantastic (as always) when it came time to listen and pay attention, and our team of helpers kept things running smoothly. I love having the chance to observe our youth take initiative when it comes to getting things done right. Over the past few months, we have been focusing on having our youth helpers take more responsibility when it comes to being on stage, teaching lesson time, leading games, etc...and I'm proud to say they have been killing it! At the rate they're going, they'll put me out of a job pretty soon. 😋 

But the highlight of my week was a moment that left me speechless (and your children could tell you that doesn't happen often in Kids Church lol). After service this past week I was saying my goodbyes as parents came to collect their children when I noticed two sisters headed for the door. Our kids know they aren't supposed to go until their parents or siblings come over, so I went after them to find out why they were leaving already. 

"Hey, where you guys going? We need to wait for your mom before you leave."
"Oh, she's not here today," the older of the two responded. "Her car wasn't working this morning, so me and my sister walked to church."

Listen. I had absolutely no response in that moment. The fact that these two precious girls took it upon themselves to wake up on time, get ready for church, walk the few blocks in that 90 degree weather because they wanted to come to literally brought tears to my eyes. Yo, when I was a kid, anytime I had a small cold, I thought it was a valid reason to stay home from church. And yet these two little angels chose to get up early, to come to church on their own. . . words cannot express how proud I am of these amazing girls.
God is truly doing something in the hearts of our kids and raising a generation that will make a change in Highland Park, Detroit, the world. What a privilege it is to have a front row seat in seeing it happen. As we sing in RT Kids: "God is a good God!"