Consecration Eating Discipline

Week 1: The consecration will consist of fresh fruit and natural juices only. (no sugar)

Week 2: The consecration will consist of: Breakfast: cold or hot cereal.  Lunch: soup and salad.  Dinner: Vegetables; cold or lightly cooked.

Week 3: The consecration consist of:  Breakfast: Plenty of fresh fruit.  Lunch: Fresh fruit and/or natural juices.  Dinner: Vegetables; cold or lightly cooked.

Week 4:  The consecration will be a repeat of week 1.

Week 5:  The consecration will consist of:  Breakfast: hot or cold cereal.  Lunch: Fresh fruit; as much as you desire.  Dinner: Salad, chicken or fish. (Broiled or baked)

Week 6:  The consecration will repeat week 5.

*If you are on medication, it is recommended that you see your physician for a check up before starting the discipline or any major change in your eating habit.