2018 Devotion & Consecration

We will begin 2018 with prayer and fasting for 21 days. Just like last year, we will have a devotional handbook that will outline the details of the consecration and have devotions for each day. We are collecting submissions for the devotions. These devotions are brief reflections on scripture that can provide encouragement or deeper relationship with God. Submissions can be made via the website by clicking here or you can give handwritten devotions to Min. Sheyonna Watson. Each submission should be no longer than a page typed. Please make your submission by 12/1. We look forward to reviewing your devotions and growing together.

All devotions must be submitted by December 1st


Devotion Submission
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Along with your devotional message of encouragement, note that we only need scripture references (ex. "Romans 10:9-10"), and not the full text (to save you time).